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Terra Branford
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Alright so the party is at Tidus's tommorow. I guess I'm going or something, hopefully it will be fun. I might just bus my way there, but I don't know, it's not alot of fun like that. At least I'll get to see some people from school!

Today was my first day as a sophomore,I saw alot of friends but that's about as exciting as it gets... so here's how all my classes went...

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Current Music: Bohemian Rhapsody-Queen

Well the whole getting school supplies thing totally backfired... So.. I had to scavenge my apartment to find supplies, I got all the stuff I needed by recycling stuff, but I will probably have to go evantually... I did however get my flute for band, it's a family heirloom and I feel so great that I actually get to play it for a class

I'm really kinda nervous about school, but I suppose I can be excited about seeing everyone... I suppose I'll see you all there!

Current Music: She Said "Don't Make Others Suffer For Your Personal Hatred"

Ok so apparently Sora, Rinoa and I are going to get donuts, look at puppies and visit a Cafe sometime soon. I haven't seen Sora in so long so it should be fun. I don't really know Rinoa all too well either, but she's really nice! Who knows? Maybe we can become friends! She even told me she was going to ask about getting me a job at the fast food resturant she works at! Hopefully all will go well and I can end my job hunt!

Ok so I met some guy who's apparently also going to Lifestream named Kefka... he started talking about how he accidently set some math teacher's sleeve on fire and how he wasn't even sad about it... it was disturbing...

[OOC and he/she makes wonderful Icons that I will upload...evantually lol]

I still need to buy school supplies! Although I'll be recycling alot from last year, I still need new things, so I suppose I can just bus it tommorow... If anyone else still needs to get their supplies feel free to let me know and maybe we can meet up together.

Current Music: Lillium-Elfen Lied OP (it's so beautiful and haunting)

I feel so much better now, I'm not quite as ill and I'm ready to face school and math head on!

I really need to start looking around for a job... I can't have my Aunt send me money forever, so I'll start looking for one.. Does anyone know any place that's hiring?

Hmm... School supply shopping still needs to get done... I think I'll have to go sometime in the next few days...

Current Music: Eleanor Rigby-The Beatles

I'm comming over with a really bad flu D=, I feel just miserable. It might even be bad enough to miss the start of school... If this is the case, can you guys who are in my classes collect my work for me while I'm gone? Thanks a bunch

[Actually, I'm going out to the Cabin for the weekend, don't be afraid to start without me!]

Well, I went to go get my schedule today, here's how it looks:

1st Period:English II
2nd Period:Algebra II
3rd Period:Civics/Contemporary Issues
4th Period:Biology
5th Period:Band
6th Period:Gym
7th Period:Chorus

Not bad I suppose... I'm quite concerned about math... I'm so awful at it...

If anyone's in any of my classes, could you let me know?

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